7th of October 2022 Gold Rate | Gold Rate Today Karachi Here you ll get Daily updates of Gold Prices of All major cities of Pakistan 7th of October 2022 SARAFA MARKET

Latest Gold Rate on Thursday 7th of October 2022 in Pakistan

Today’s Gold Rate in Pakistan: Gold Price updated on Friday 7th of October 2022 discern Gold Rate in Pakistan for 24K is Rs. 144450, 22K Gold rate for today is Rs. 132412, 21K rate for per tola is Rs. 126394 and 18k gold rater is Rs. 108338.00 per tola.

Identify Gold rate all over Pakistan in rupees per tola is one hundred forty-four thousand four hundred fifty rupees only, per 10 gram is one hundred twenty-three thousand eight hundred forty rupees only, per gram is twelve thousand three hundred eighty-four rupees only and per ounce is three hundred fifty-one thousand eighty  rupees only. Find out upto date today Gold rate which are verified and updated as per Pakistan Sarafa Market. Perceive all essential details, graphs and latest updates on Gold rate all over Pakistan in a jiffy. Her you can find gold rates as per Karachi Sarafa Market

24K Gold – 22K Gold – 21K Gold – 18K Gold

GOLD RATE24 Karat Gold Rate Today22 Karat Gold Rate Today21 Karat Gold Rate Today18 Karat Gold Rate Today
Gold Per TolaRs. 144450Rs. 132412Rs. 126394Rs. 108338
Gold Per 10 GramsRs. 123840Rs. 113519Rs. 108360Rs. 92880
Gold Per GramRs. 12384Rs. 11352Rs. 10836Rs. 9288
Gold Per OunceRs. 351080Rs. 321821Rs. 307195Rs. 263310

Pakistan Major Cities Gold Rates Today

24K Gold Per Tola10 Grams Gold 24K
Gold Rate in KarachiRs. 144450Rs. 123840
Gold Price in LahoreRs. 144450Rs. 123840
Gold Rate in IslamabadRs. 144500Rs. 123885
Gold Rate in PeshawarRs. 144550Rs. 123930
Gold Rate in FaisalabadRs. 144550Rs. 123930
Gold Rate in HyderabadRs. 144600Rs. 123975
Gold Rate in RawalpindiRs. 144500Rs. 123885
Gold Rate in QuettaRs. 144600Rs. 123975
Gold Price in MultanRs. 144590Rs. 123965

Gold Rate in Karachi HISTORY


October 07 2022Rs. 144,450
October 06 2022Rs. 144,750
October 05 2022Rs. 145,550
October 04 2022Rs. 149,200
October 03 2022Rs. 144,900
October 02 2022Rs. 146,300
October 01 2022Rs. 146,300
September 30 2022Rs. 145,900
September 29 2022Rs. 146,800
September 28 2022Rs. 143,600
September 27 2022Rs. 142,650
September 26 2022Rs. 142,900
September 25 2022Rs. 149,600
September 24 2022Rs. 149,600
September 23 2022Rs. 152,900
September 22 2022Rs. 154,500
September 21 2022Rs. 154,800
September 20 2022Rs. 154,950
September 19 2022Rs. 154,900
September 18 2022Rs. 156,250
September 17 2022Rs. 156,250
September 16 2022Rs. 154,900
September 15 2022Rs. 155,800
September 14 2022Rs. 156,000
September 13 2022Rs. 156,500
September 12 2022Rs. 157,100
September 11 2022Rs. 150,000
September 10 2022Rs. 150,000
September 09 2022Rs. 147,700
September 08 2022Rs. 149,900
September 07 2022Rs. 150,100

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