The About Us page of your website is an essential source of information for all who want to know more about your business.

About Us pages are where you showcase your history, what is unique about your work, your company’s values, and who you serve.

The design, written content, and visual or video elements together tell an important story about who you are and why you do it.

Calls to action

You’ve put all this effort into attracting your visitor, getting them engaged and interested, and communicating your message to them… After all that, don’t make the mistake of letting them wander off without taking their next step.

You should always tell them what you want them to do next.

A “call to action” (often abbreviated as CTA) is an instruction to the reader to immediately take some action, such as “order now,” “sign up for our mailing list today,” “pick up your phone right now and call us,” etc.

Not explicitly telling your visitor what to do after they’ve read the content on a webpage is a costly mistake—it’s like a saleperson forgetting to ask for the close after convincing their prospect to buy.

So…how do you put this all together into making a website for your business?

You’re excited about all the great things your new website will do for your business, and you want to get it online as quickly as possible… but, woooaaah—hold your horses. Whether you’re building a new website or revamping an existing one, it’s important to do some basic planning and lay the groundwork first.

Approaching the building of your new website in a disciplined manner, with adequate planning and strategizing, can make the difference between a costly waste of resources that produces few results and a highly profitable business-boosting website.