HP Envy 13-BA1652ND Laptop Price in Pakistan


HP Envy 13-BA1652ND Laptop Price in Pakistan


HP Envy 13-BA1652ND Laptop Price in Pakistan

Intel Core i7 11th Gen
Intel Iris Xe Graphics
13.3” Full HD 1080p
IPS 60Hz With HP
SureView Privacy
B&O Play – Webcam
Backlit Keyboard
Finger Print Reader
Laptop Windows 10
Laptop Color : Silver
Condition : Open Box

HP Envy 13 design
Here is a toast to HP for sending me the champagne model. The subtle hint of gold on this version adds a touch of class to an already premium design.
HP fully embraced this pale peach hue, which covers the lid, the deck, keyboard and touchpad. The only non-gold elements are a stylish chrome HP logo centered on the lid, and small Envy and Bang & Olufsen branding on the deck.

This is a rare occasion where I’m glad HP didn’t make too many changes to this design. As I mentioned in my review of the previous model, the Envy 13 is the most premium laptop you’ll find at this sub-$900 price point. That’s because it shares features with its pricier sibling

While not as luxurious as its flagship counterpart, the Envy 13 has a sleek metal chassis with some pleasing design elements, including chrome trim around the touchpad and an aggressive wedge shape. It also feels robust, particularly the bar-style hinge, which requires a reassuring amount of force to rotate.

I’m sad to see the fancy patterned speaker bar removed from the deck, but it was sacrificed to make the Envy 13 as small as possible. To that end, the bezels surrounding the 13.3-inch display were trimmed and the deck was compressed. Despite the thinner frame, the webcam remains above the display (sadly, there is no IR camera).
HP Envy 13-BA1652ND Laptop Price in Pakistan


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