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Baby diaper and carry cot backpack

Product Details of baby diaper and carry cot backpack

Here you will get exact details / reviews & specification of baby diaper and carry cot backpack

Product Specifications of baby diaper and carry cot backpack

Perfect Nappy Bag Newborn Gifts – Diaper Bag Backpack with Changing Pad, Stroller Straps.

Perfect Nappy Bag Newborn Gifts – Diaper Bag Backpack with Changing Pad, Stroller Straps.

Easy to travel – when we travel somewhere, we have our travel items, and the baby has the baby’s travel items. 

This baby backpack allows everything to have its place, so you don’t have to worry about the messy items.

Can be folded –it can be easily opened and turned into a diaper changing table, the attached mattress is 

breathable and not stuffy; the baby can sleep and play inside, reduce the hidden danger of mosquito bites, the shade cloth can block the sunlight ; It also can be easily folded when you don’t need it.

Baby backpack is a unique backpack, designed by our best team. It combines the advantages of existing baby backpacks, light weight, stylish, and versatile, it is a perfect travel choose.

Amazing baby diaper backpackcan provide 16 spacious pockets and a diaper changing station( bag crib) to meet various needs.

  • 7 x Internal compartments (including main pocket)
  • 3 x Insulated bags (to keep milk or juice cool and warm)
  • 1 x Dry and wet separation bag (store wet towels)
  • 2 x Elastic side pockets (for baby tissue/umbrella)
  • 1 x Back pocket (used to store small items)
  • 1 x Storage business card bag (Storage information card)
  • 1 x Front main bag (including thermos bottle bag and dry and wet separation bag)

    Product Review & Description of baby diaper and carry cot backpack

    1. is providing best quality of products at best wholesale price in ur town since 15 have more than 600 products to facilitate you under one diaper and carry cot backpack is most selling product now a days 

    2. polyester:
    3. 【Baby Foldable bed, Diaper changing station, Mommy backpack】 It provides a safe and hygienic space for you to 
    4. change diapers or let your baby lie down and rest anytime, anywhere. You can use it as a removable diaper changing table in the car trunk when you are out with your family.
    5.  giving your baby a safe, clean, and comfortable nest for him to sleep. large-capacity storage space can Satisfy 
    6. your needs. It can also be used as a fashionable backpack, messenger bag, handbag.
    7. 【MultiFunction Pocket with changing pad】 The backpack has 16 pockets, with scientific partition. It can be loaded
    8.  with all essential stuff like diapers,creams,wipes etc. insulated 3-bottle pockets, which can keep the bottle 
    9. warm or cool. backpack Its large capacity can hold a laptop or breast pump. Soft Changing Pad: makes a baby 
    10. comfortable while changing. Baby diaper bag comes with everything you need when on the go, to hold everything 
    11. for baby plus, the diaper bag is a perfect travel assistant.
    12. ortable Baby Bassinet design Combo】 Easily turn the backpack into a travel bassinet: creating a warm and exclusive game and sleeping space for the baby. Backpack with shade cloth: Protect your baby’s eyes from the sun. This perfect and practical solution makes it easier for mothers to take the baby’s entire travel, More relaxed, the side panel of the sleeper has a breathable structure mesh structure, Two fences also provide safety protection.
    13. 【Waterproof, Easy to clean, USB Charging Port】 the outer surface of the backpack is waterproof fabric. you won’t 
    14. afraid of getting wet on rainy days, the cushion of the cradle is also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about splashing, dirty. The entire removable lining is washable
    15. 【Perfect Backpack】 When The baby is tired, it can become a crib in a few minutes, giving the baby a comfortable
    16.  place to rest. this is excellent for any new moms, or as a baby shower gift. Try it now! Even if you don’t like
    17.  it, please contact us, we will refund or replace it!

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